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To Bahia de los Angeles, Sea of Cortez
Reid Inlet, Alaska05
Friday 28th August 2015

Wednesday, I enjoyed the cool breezes of Bahia Quemado, just E of Bahia de los Angeles where I anchored this afternoon

I'd motored, in v. little wind, N from Cala Puertocito del Enmedio.. The only drawback to the place, apart from the chart being totally misleading on the approach, was the bees that came looking for fresh water - and found my mug of tea!

On the way to Quemado, I stopped to explore a couple of anchorages - one off Punta Alacrans and another W of Isla Pescador.... both quite different. Alacrans was disappointingly lacking in much sea life on its bare rocks... There were many sting rays in the sand of the seabed and plenty of bullseye puffers but little else and the white sandy beach by Isla Pescador only interesting for the palapas of a luxury resort, now abandoned after hurricane Odile last year, which caused damage as yet unrepaired...

I spent a time yesterday working on getting my dinghy and outboard working. The dinghy floor had deflated after I'd tried to pump it up and so needed quite a time to bring it up to pressure, and the outboard kept refusing to start - but eventually did so and I triumphantly went on a tour of the bay and nearby rocks... Lowering and raising the motor using my handybilly worked fine, although it took a time tying the dinghy alongside 'Nereida' each time.

Before leaving Bahia Quemado, Eric ('Scoots') came on board and got my GoPro camera working and also, while it was charging up, made up the aerial for a little receiver I have to download satellite weather pictures in real time - a useful tool, especially in hurricane season!

More exploring - on the way here today, I went in to Port San Juan - a 'hurricane hole and I also explored the area S of the sand bar to the N of this anchorage - but aborted quickly when I found the depths suddenly getting down to 9-11 feet (Nereida's draught is just under 7 feet!).

As soon as I'd anchored, 'Linger Longer' came on the radio to tell me that a whale shark was close by - I spotted the rounded dorsal fin twice - but got no more sighting of it... They said they'd seen three of these large but harmless basking sharks in the area! Videos shown this evening confirmed their sightings - they're BIG!!

The day ended with a good sociable evening on board 'Scoots' - 'Summer' and 'Azul' joining in for what was, for me, a farewell ... Tomorrow, I'll be making for Santa Rosalia on my way to San Carlos and a visit back to the U.K. in early September.

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