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19th Aug - More diesel siphoning... bees ... and relaxed reading
Reid Inlet, Alaska05
Wed 19th August 2015 Bahia San Francisquito
Up late this morning, after last night's socialising.. I decided to sit out in the cockpit and enjoy a coffee while reading Steinbeck's "Sea of Cortez" - this place is too beautiful and unspoiled not to relax and enjoy it ... Dealing with the diesel can wait a bit - no rush!
I did finally get to siphoning out the diesel under the engine and was pleased to see it was also clean enough to promptly filter into the main tank - over 20 litres (several trips with the full 2l bottles). TG I'd left the floor below the engine really clean after a recent oil-filter change!
Into the sea to clean off and then a quick shower - big mistake! The fresh water attracted the bees and all afternoon, until sunset, I was plagued with them. I must remember only to run fresh water after sunset, when they're safely out of the way.
Sunset tonight was spectacular, its rosy glow lingering in the western sky above the dark silhouette of the far hills, lighting up the steep, rugged hillside on long low Isla Lorenzo out to sea, beyond the bay entrance. The dark shapes of some pelicans could be seen in the water astern of 'Nereida', a sealion swam around, its heavy breathing on surfacing clearly heard in the still air, gulls were calling as they settled down to roost and the occasional ray could be heard slapping the water as it landed back after jumping.... Above it all, an increasingly bright crescent moon hung low in the sky and reflected in the slightly ruffled calm sea surface. Just the gentlest of refreshing breezes blowing tonight. I sat for a long time, as darkness gathered, enjoying the scene, as the stars gradually appeared....

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